SPA & Medical Treatment tours

Foreign tourists can combine travelling and recreation with high-quality treatment and recuperation at Belarus's best healthcare facilities. Many foreigners come to Belarus for a complicated surgery or in-hospital treatment.

There are several reasons behind it:
1). Highly-qualified medical professionals
2). Exceptional quality of medical services and advanced equipment in hospitals
3). Cutting-edge medical technologies and progressive treatment methods
4). Reasonable prices for medical services
5). Convenient geographical location of Belarus in the center of Europe and well-developed transport communication
6). Mild climate, that does not require acclimatization and that contributes to faster rehabilitation

Medical services and treatment available in Belarus for foreigners:
Plastic surgery
Traumatology and orthopedics
Reproductive technologies (IVF)
Organ and tissue transplantation
and others

There are also a number of SPA resorts in Belarus and in Minsk in particular.

All medical or SPA services are available on appointment/booking.

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